Do you feel like some days you're on top of the world! And'd just rather go back to bed and start over?

Do you feel like you have a great spiritual or wellness practice - but somehow you keep 'falling off the wagon'?

A lot of us are great at revamping our lives, starting healthy habits and generally feeling great! But then a few weeks or months later, we can barely remember what we committed to and we start the whole process again.

This masterclass is all about creating mini rituals - ones that stick! - to help you bring that feeling of joy, wellbeing and connectedness into every single day.

Upon completing the masterclass, you will have:

  • a clear understanding of the challenges / blocks that are stopping you from living a soul centred life
  • a vision of the kind of life you truly want to live
  • a handful of sacred mini rituals that will help you move towards this way of living
  • an understanding of how to make these rituals stick!

The masterclass includes:

  • 60 minutes of coaching split over 3 video lessons
  • A workbook to help you integrate the lessons

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol now and start on the path to making every day divine!

Love, healing & positive vibes,

Araba xx

Hi, I’m Araba Ofori-Acquah...

...a holistic healer, coach & writer. I'm super excited to be sharing this masterclass with you. It's made up from tools and exercises that I've used with a range of clients, and in my own personal life - tools that really work!

I'm trained in a number of healing modalities, including yoga, meditation and wellness coaching, and am currently based in Accra, Ghana. I am also the founder of Ashe Wellness, an organisation dedicated to helping people find wellness through connecting with the wisdom and practices of Africa. I'm committed to supporting people in improving their wellbeing and realising their incredible potential, and I hope I achieve this with you through this masterclass.

Sending you love, healing & positive vibes,

Araba xx

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